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Sport horses

Below you will find information on our own talented horses who are not (yet) for sale. Should any of these horses interest you then you can always contact us via the contact form or via mobile phone +32 496 55 95 79.

Lotus Elan

Ferdeaux * San Remo * Cocktail
05/06/2016, Hengst Stallion
Onbeleerd Unbroken

Dinky Boy

Dream Boy * Sir Donnerhall
28/05/2016, Hengst Stallion
Onbeleerd Unbroken

Ko Ko Chanel

Florencio * San Remo
27/06/2015, Merrie Mare
Zadelmak Saddle broken

Paris Hilton

Belissimo M * Sandro Hit
09/05/2015, Merrie Mare

Dark Chocolate

Damon Hill * Florestan I
20/04/2007, Ruin Gelding
Young Riders Young Riders

Laura Ashley

Bon Bravour * Sandro Hit
26/05/2011, Merrie Mare
FEI 6-jarigen FEI 6 yo

Parfait d’Amour

Apache * Soprano * Davignon
15/06/2014, Merrie Mare
FEI 4-jarigen FEI 4 yo

Prima Donna

Chagall * Soprano * Davignon
07/04/2012, Merrie Mare
FEI 5-jarigen FEI 5 yo


Bon Bravour * San Remo * Cocktail
12/06/2011, Ruin Gelding
Lichte Tour Small Tour


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